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I.P.L Products an ISO 9001 Certified Company located at Chennai is serving power sector since 1974.

IPL Products manufacturing various type of High voltage Disconnectors (Isolators) ranging from 11KV to 420KV and various types of Transformers ranging from 5KVA to 50MVA..

Isolator Air Break switch is a high voltage Disconnector to Disconnecting the flow of power from one circuit to other.

Statics device with two or more winding which by electro-magnetic induction transfer the voltage and current from one system to another system without change in frequency

A totally enclosed self-supporting structure/cubicle containing busbars connected to incoming and outgoing distribution feeders controlled through links/fuses

  • Centre Break Isolator 245KV - 2000Amps and 420KV - 3150Amps under development
  • Plant capacity upto 50MVA under construction.
  • 16MVA 110/22-11KV Power Transformers under production


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