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“50+ years of I.P.L. PRODUCTS: Your Trusted Partner in Electrical Engineering Excellence and Innovation.”

Unparalleled Power Precision: Where Excellence Meets the Grid – Your No. 1 Industrial Transformer Manufacturer.

Since 1974, our journey has epitomized growth and innovation in the electrical industry. From Cast Iron Jointing Kits, we expanded into Open Type Pillar Boxes, 11KV Isolators, Distribution Transformers, and Power Transformers. In 2021, we ventured into Dry Type Transformers and constructed a plant for 400KV Isolators in 2022. We extended our reach to Solar Transformers in 2021, commissioned more than 250MW and successfully testing 400KV Isolators. Today, we proudly serve 80% of our valued repeat customers, delivering over 1,000 Transformers and Isolators. Our commitment to quality and service is our hallmark.

A. Shanmuga velayuthan

Founder – I.P.L Products

A. Shanmuga Velayuthan, Managing Partner of M/s. I.P.L. Products in Chennai hold a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.His journey began at Training in P.S.G. Industry, Coimbatore, followed by worked as Subordinate Engineer in Binny Engineering Division, Chennai in 1974.He established a Small Scale Unit in Guindy, Chennai, with a Foundary Unit in Coimbatore, producing cast iron Products.He has started Manufacturing Open Type Pillar Boxes replacing the Fuse Carrier Boxes (Fuse carriers are frequently prone to stolen), Isolators and started Manufacturing Transformers. This is 50th year, serving to the Power Sector.The products are well received in the domestic market, particularly Isolators and Transformers. We have also done indirect Exports.Beyond his business acumen, he is deeply involved in social work, advocating for small industries welfare and contributing to various associations.Shanmuga velayuthan was former President of TANSTIA (2006 – 2008), where he facilitated discussions with dignitaries like President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Deeply involved in bringing the MSME Policy exclusively for Tamil Nadu, which was released by then Honorable Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi.Written many articles in various magazines about the needs of MSME sector.Now he is a
Director – Divine Bharath Chamber of Commerce, which is promoting Industrial Activities.He is also a Director in M/s. Vaisya Infra P Ltd & Director in M/s. Baggyalakashmi Nidhi Ltd.His literacy pursuits extend to Tamil literature, where he actively participates in “K.K. Nagar Illakkiya Vattam” for more than 40 years.

"Where our vision meets your needs."- I.P.L. PRODUCTS

Since 1974, we've grown and innovated, expanding from jointing kits to 400KV Isolators, Power Transformers upto 25MVA, Solar and Dry type Transformers. Serving 80% of repeat customers. Our hallmark is Quality and Service.
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Vision & Mission

With over 50 years of experience, our company prioritizes quality products to undergo type testing in NABL Recognized Labs, ensuring utmost reliability.  We offer one-stop solutions with our in-house design and fabrication capabilities, allowing for customization to meet your specific needs.

Quality Commitment:

Our ISO 9001-2015 certification ensures rigorous quality standards for excellence.

Rapid Support

Our dedicated and qualified service team guarantees assistance along with backup equipment's within 48 hours

Reliability Assurance

NABL recognized labs confirm the dependability of our products.

Custom Solutions

In-house design and fabrication allows us to tailor products to your needs. In-house design ensures the quality, Standards and Technical Support to the customer for their requirements.



Deliver on our promises.

Provide quality customer service & advice.

Guarantee safe, consistent, economical, innovative, electrical solutions to all our clients.



We I.P.L. PRODUCTS committed to providing highest quality products, competitively priced with services exceeding our customer expectations. We will continue to invest in facilities, systems &highly technical personnel providing added value to our business relationships.


Being honest with client & each other.

Encouraging alternative form of energy generations.

Promoting health & well being of clients, our staff and our environment.



1974: Commenced operations with Cast Iron Jointing Kits.

1982: Collaborated with TNEB to develop Open Type Pillar Boxes.

1986: Entered into the manufacturing of 11KV Isolators (A.B. Switches).

1992: Established a facility for manufacturing Isolators up to 230KV.

1996: Initiated the production of Distribution Transformers.

2006: Introduced Power Transformers within our Group Concern.

Our Group Concern ranks among the top 5 Power Transformer Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu for units upto 25MVA and within the 110KV Class.

2014: Formed a Joint Venture with Jean Muller, Germany.

2017: Received approval from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) with ISI Marking.

2021: Diversified into manufacturing Dry Type Transformers and unitised sub stations

2021: Stepped into solar transformers manufacturing, Commissioned 300 MW and expanding production for more

2022: Constructed a new plant in Kakkalur for developing 400KV Isolators.

2023: Successfully completed the design and type testing of 400KV Isolators.

2024: Design under process for 400KV Centre Break Isolator.


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Meet the I.P.L. PRODUCTS directors - A Powerhouse of Electrical Engineering Excellence!

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Answers to Your Sparking Questions – I.P.L. PRODUCTS FAQ: Igniting Electrical Solutions.

I.P.L. PRODUCTS offers a range of Transformers, including Distribution Transformers and Power Transformers, Converter Duty, Inverter Duty, Furnace, Special purposes and Dry Type Transformers. They can be customized to specific requirements.

I.P.L. PRODUCTS manufactures Isolators upto 400KV, ensuring reliable performance for various voltage levels, different current rating, breaking and mounting systems.

Yes, I.P.L. PRODUCTS offers conventional type Pillar Boxes and HRC Fuse Feeder Pillar Box on collaboration with “Jean Muller” make HRC Fuse Switches and Links, allowing for tailored solutions in HRC Feeder Pillar Boxes.

Yes, I.P.L. PRODUCTS has expanded into solar transformers, with a successful track record in commissioning and designing solutions for solar power projects, wind and other energy sectors.

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