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Welcome to IPL Products

I.P.L Products an ISO 9001 Certified Company located at Chennai is serving power sector since 1974.

IPL Products manufacturing various rangers/ type of isolators’ High voltage Disconnectors (Isolators) from 11KV to 245KV and various types of transformers ranging from 5KVA to 50MVA.

Isolator Air Break switch is a high voltage Disconnector to Disconnecting the flow of power from one circuit to other.

Statics device with two or more winding which by electro-magnetic induction transfer the voltage and current from one system to another system without change in frequency

1. ACSR and AAAC Conductor
2. MOM Boxes
3. BOM Boxes

  • Centre Break Isolator 245KV - 2000Amps and 420KV - 3150Amps under development
  • Plant capacity upto 50MVA under construction.
  • 16MVA 110/22-11KV Power Transformers under production


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